Foods that are guaranteed to keep you cool in summer. Which ones should you avoid?

Foods that are guaranteed to keep you cool in summer. Which ones should you avoid?

It’s hot, the sun is beating down and all we want is a cold glass of an iced drink or a big scoop of ice cream. However, we must consider the question: Is it the best for our bodies? And what foods work as “coolers” in summer and which ones should we avoid?

In mojitos and tea

Mint is an herb that anyone can grow- whether they have a garden, balcony, or even just a windowsill. Mint contains menthol which gives it freshness. Correspondingly, it can activate a nerve receptor that provides the body with a false sense of cold.

A good dose of vitamins

During the summer months our bodies crave fresh vegetables and fruit more than ever. The best coolers contain lots of water. Namely, watermelon and also bananas, avocados, and strawberries are good choices. Among summer vegetables, the salad cucumber reigns supreme. Whether sliced, grated and doused with vinegar, it’s guaranteed to cool us down. Tomatoes and lettuce can fight the heat in similar ways.


Spice up your summer

Spicy food can make us feel like we’re boiling alive. This is because spicy foods raise the temperature inside our bodies and cause us to sweat or perspire. Remarkably, our body's reaction to spicy food is what cools us down! So don’t skimp on the pepper or chilli in the kitchen throughout the summer.

Tea so hot it's guaranteed to cool you down

On hot days, we have the urge to cool off with a chilled sweet drink. While soda for example may provide a few minutes of relief, it doesn’t give us the cooling effect we want. This is because cold drinks don’t signal the body to start cooling down. As crazy as it sounds, in the summer, make a hot tea and leave the ice out.


There is one general rule for eating on hot days: eating heavy, hard-to-digest foods gives your body a hard time. We must put a lot of energy into digestion, which has the side effect of making us hot.

In summer, enjoy:

food infographic

What cools you down in summer: mint, chilli, pepper, hot tea, strawberries, avocado, banana, melon, cucumber, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce.


What's not recommended: chips and burgers, steak, gravy, cold sweet drinks




In the summer, we should focus on light, easily digestible foods, it’s a good idea to include uncooked foods in your diet and become yitarian during the hot days. Raw foods are packed with vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and enzymes, and they won’t overload your body. These foods will benefit you and by not cooking, baking, or frying them; your kitchen won’t become hell on earth!